Does Instabang Work?

So you’re wondering, ‘does Instabang work?’ You’re not alone. Instabang claims to get you quick and easy hookups but does it deliver? This article will go into Instabang’s features, user experiences and value for money to help you decide if it’s worth your time and money.

Bottom Line

  • Instabang, launched in 2009, is for adults looking for casual, no-strings-attached encounters with over 2 million global members and a social media inspired interface.
  • Despite having a large member base Instabang has many issues including a high number of fake profiles, low success rates for real hookups and many customer complaints about deceptive billing practices.
  • While it has many interaction features and premium membership benefits user experiences often fall short of expectations so alternatives like AdultFriendFinder and Ashley Madison might be more reliable for casual dating.

What is Instabang? along with launched in 2009 by Global Personals LLC with a simple mission: to give adults quick and easy hookups and casual encounters. Unlike traditional dating sites that focus on long term relationships Instabang is for the sexually liberated who want their connections fast, fun and commitment free. It’s a digital playground where users can explore their desires without the pressure of finding “the one.”

Since launching Instabang has grown to over 2 million members worldwide. This rapid growth is a testament to the site’s popularity in the casual dating space. The site’s creators claim Instabang’s features and matching algorithm make it easier than ever to find like minded people in your area.

One of the unique features of Instabang is its social media inspired interface where users can share posts and interact with content like on Instagram. We’ll put this to the test as we go through this Instabang review and see if it really does deliver on quick hookups and good times.

Who is Instabang for?

Instabang is for sexually liberated adults who are unapologetic about their desire for casual sex and quick hookups. The site is marketed as being for confident men and women who like sex and aren’t ashamed of it. It’s for a liberated and sexually open audience. If you’re someone who prefers the thrill of a one night stand over the commitment of a long term relationship Instabang is your playground.

Instabang’s user base is mostly American with English as the primary language. With over 1.2 million members most of whom are from the USA the site has a big community to connect with. However it’s worth noting that the gender distribution on Instabang is heavily skewed towards men. Men dominate the site although there are active female members as well. This could impact the user experience especially for male users looking for female partners.

Age wise Instabang is for young adults and middle aged individuals with the majority of users being 23-36 years old. The site has a 18+ age requirement for registration so all users are legal adults. Instabang claims to make casual encounters easy and convenient for its users and is marketed as a site for instant connections. But as we go through this review we’ll see if these claims hold up and if Instabang really does deliver on quick hookups for its target audience.

Signing up on Instabang

The sign up process on Instabang is designed to be fast and simple as the site is all about instant connections. To get started you need to provide the following:

  • Gender
  • Sexual preference
  • City of residence
  • Confirm you’re over 18 years old

This first step helps Instabang tailor the user experience and match you with compatible partners from the get go.

Next you’ll need to provide a valid email address for verification. This is a critical step to ensure the user base is clean and prevents the same person from creating multiple accounts. The email verification process is quick usually takes just a couple of minutes. Once verified your profile will be live and you can start using the site.

Uploading a profile picture is part of the sign up process and is required. This helps other users get a visual of you. Instabang encourages users to upload attractive photos that show their personality. As a bonus new users can send winks to profiles they like right from the start. Note that while the initial sign up is free full access to hooking services and features like webcam shows with models requires a full registration.

Instabang doesn’t offer sign up via Facebook or other social networks so users have some level of discretion.

Safety during setup

During the setup of your Instabang profile safety and privacy is key. The golden rule of online dating applies here more than ever: never share personal information like your social security number, credit card details or home address with someone you haven’t met in person. Instabang moderators do their best to check emails and photos to exclude scammers but ultimately your safety is in your own hands.

One smart safety tip is to use different photos for your dating profile than the ones you use on other social media platforms. This makes it harder for potential stalkers to find your personal accounts. Also avoid sharing live or motion photos as they often contain geolocation information that can compromise your privacy.

Be cautious of users who ask for financial help or try to move the conversation off the site. Unfortunately some Instabang users have been scammed out of money by fake profiles claiming to need financial help. To protect yourself avoid responding to any requests for financial help no matter how convincing the story may sound. Remember a legit match on a hookup site will never need your financial help.

By following these safety tips you can enjoy Instabang while minimizing the risks.

User Interface

The Instabang website design is simple and functional to provide a quick connection experience for those looking for instant connections. The interface is designed for regular users with clear navigation to move between sections:

  • Search
  • Online Now members
  • Video Chat
  • Galleries
  • Webcams

This simple layout means you can find what you’re looking for without getting lost.

The desktop version of Instabang has full services including registration, match search, communication and post sharing. The interface is designed for quick connections so users can jump into messages or video chat with minimal hassle. However some users have complained about low quality images and ads which can be annoying.

For those who prefer to browse on the go Instabang has made sure the website is responsive and works on mobile devices. There is no mobile app but the mobile version is similar to the desktop version. Instabang is compatible with all major browsers with Google Chrome and Safari reported to have the fastest loading times. This cross platform compatibility means you can access the site whenever and wherever you want just like Instabang promises instant connections.

Profile and Verification

Instabang profiles are divided into three sections:

  1. Profile photo: This is the first impression and is free for everyone to see.
  2. Quick profile info: This is basic personal info about the user.
  3. Public media: This includes all user activity like photos, videos and status updates so potential matches can see the user’s personality and interests.

Not very detailed but provides basic personal info and user activity.

Instabang verifies its user base through an email verification process. This is important to ensure each Instabang account is a real person. Instabang also has a dedicated fraud team that works 24/7 to catch and disable inauthentic users. Kudos to Instabang for maintaining a genuine user base in an industry where fake profiles are a big problem.

The platform is proactive in profile control. Bare profiles or profiles with photos from the internet are automatically suspended. Profiles with fake photos or violating site rules are removed. These measures don’t guarantee a scam free environment but it shows Instabang is trying to provide a more authentic user experience. We’ll get into this later in this review but the effectiveness of these measures may vary in real life usage.

Interaction Features

Instabang has interaction features to enhance the casual dating experience and connect its instabang members. The platform has two ways to chat: private messages and group chatrooms. This dual approach allows users to chat one on one or chat with other instabang members in a bigger group depending on their communication preference.

One of the features of Instabang is its messaging system. Here’s how it works:

  • Users can send messages to other members.
  • Only premium members can read and reply to these messages.
  • Free members can send messages and use advanced search filters but have fewer communicative options compared to gold members.
  • This tiered system encourages users to upgrade to premium for full communication.

Instabang has interactive features to make the experience more fun:

  • The ‘Who’s Cute Game’ allows users to vote on other profiles, adds a playful element to the site.
  • The ‘Who Is Streaming’ feature allows users to see members who are live streaming sexy videos, for those who want more visual content.
  • Premium members can access live cam shows and interact with professional models, adds another layer to the Instabang experience.

To encourage interaction Instabang has a wink and like system. Premium members get notifications when someone winks or likes them, makes it easier to find matches. Free members can’t see if someone adds them to favorites or likes them. This feature is only available to paid members. This limitation along with others like not being able to see who viewed their profile creates a clear incentive for users to upgrade to premium for a full experience.

Real-Life Usage Experience

In real life usage Instabang has gotten mixed reviews to say the least. Many users have reported encountering a lot of fake profiles and unresponsive users and had no successful hookups. The gap between the site’s promise and actual user experience raises questions on Instabang’s matchmaking algorithm and user verification process.

One of the concerns in real life usage is the presence of inappropriate behaviors and potentially dangerous individuals on the site. A user reported many sex offenders and had their account removed after reporting such behavior. This is a reminder to always be vigilant and prioritize personal safety when using online dating sites especially those for casual encounters. Addressing user complaints is key to a safe and enjoyable experience for all members.

Instabang has been criticized for:

  • Too many bot operated profiles, seems to outnumber real users
  • Fake accounts that diminishes the user experience and makes you question the authenticity of interactions on the site
  • Many reviewers are disappointed with the success rate of getting real hookups on Instabang, no successful matches

These real life experiences shows that while Instabang promises easy casual encounters, reality is far from it.

Membership Costs and Value

Instabang has different membership tiers with the Gold Membership being the main premium option. The Instabang Premium Membership also known as the Gold Membership is $34.95 per month, $69.95 for 6 months or $119.88 for 12 months. For those who want to try before they buy Instabang offers a 2 day trial for $0.95 and a 7 day trial for $9.95. These trial options allows users to try the premium features before committing to a full subscription.

While the premium membership gives you access to exclusive features and enhanced communication tools, you can still use the site with a free membership but with limited functionality. The Gold Membership unlocks features like reading and replying to messages, viewing who liked your profile and premium content. But please note that Instabang has auto-renewal policy – the Gold Membership will auto renew unless you turn off the auto-renewal option.

Unfortunately Instabang has a bad reputation for abusive auto-billing and difficulty in canceling membership. Many users have complained of being charged for services they didn’t authorize especially when their Instabang membership auto renewed. You can’t get a refund for unused time on a premium membership which adds to the risk of subscribing. On a good note Instabang offers a 3 month free membership for premium users if they are not satisfied with the service. While this adds value to the membership, potential subscribers should weigh the cost against the benefits and be cautious with their subscription settings.

Is Instabang Worth It?

After reviewing Instabang’s features, user experiences and pricing, it’s time to answer the big question: Is Instabang worth it? On the surface Instabang looks good. It has high daily traffic with many active users and a premium membership with exclusive features. For those looking for casual hookups the site’s fast connections and large user base might be a plus.

But reality is far from it. Instabang is plagued with:

  • too many fake profiles
  • many complaints about upselling tactics
  • bot profiles
  • not enough real members
  • no success in getting real life meetups

The male dominated user base including free users makes the competition for attention from the few female users very high for the male users to find matches.

Instabang does offer some guarantees like 3 month money back guarantee if you don’t find a match within 3 months of regular use but these are overshadowed by the site’s questionable practices. Reviews have shown tactics to sell low cost trial membership and then charge for full month and sneaky billing practices. Considering all these and the fake profiles and lack of success from users it’s hard to recommend Instabang as a good investment.

If you are looking for real casual encounters there are more reliable and transparent options in the online dating market.

Instabang Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with Instabang there are many alternatives in the casual dating and hookup scene that might fit your needs. One of the most popular is AdultFriendFinder which has been around since 1996. With over 20 million weekly visitors AdultFriendFinder has a much larger user base than Instabang. It caters to many preferences including a large swinger community so it’s a good option for those looking for casual encounters.

Another option is Ashley Madison, a dating site used in the US and Canada. Known for its large user base and free sign up Ashley Madison is for adults looking for casual encounters. For those looking for a mix of dating options has many options including casual encounters, friendships and even long term relationships.

If you are looking for local dating options BeNaughty is worth a try. It’s a popular site in the US with many free search options and live chat. For sugar dating SeekingArrangement is a popular platform that connects successful people with potential partners for no strings attached relationships.

And for those who like interactive features Sex Messenger might be an option. Known for its active adult community it has browsing options based on many preferences and live broadcasts. Each of these options has its pros and cons and the best one for you will depend on your preferences and what you are looking for in a casual dating site. Worth trying these out to find the one that fits you best and is more than Instabang.


As we conclude this Instabang review it’s clear the site doesn’t live up to its hype. Instabang presents itself as a quick hookup and casual encounters site but the reality is far from it. The site’s interface and features may look good at first but the fake profiles, questionable billing practices and no success in getting real life meetups reduces its value.

For those looking for real casual encounters Instabang is not recommended. The risk of scams, the frustration of dealing with bot profiles and the surprise charges outweighs the slim chance of finding a real hookup. Instead try out some of the options mentioned above like AdultFriendFinder or Ashley Madison which has a better reputation and larger user base. Remember when it comes to online dating and hookup sites always prioritize your safety, protect your personal info and be skeptical. The perfect casual encounter is out there but Instabang is not the key to finding it.


Is Instabang safe?

Instabang has some safety features but use with caution. Don’t share personal or financial info and be wary of suspicious profiles or asking for money.

Can I use Instabang for free?

You can use Instabang for free but most communication features and advanced options require a paid membership. Make sure to check the free membership limitations vs your needs.

How do I cancel my Instabang subscription?

Canceling Instabang subscription is tricky but turn off the auto-renewal in your account settings as soon as possible to avoid problems. Be proactive to prevent renewal issues.

Are the profiles on Instabang real?

Many users have reported many fake profiles on Instabang so use with caution. Be wary of fake or bot profiles.

What else?

Try AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison or BeNaughty which has more users and has a better track record of getting real connections. Why Instabang when you can meet real people on those?

Asian OnlyFans Girls Are Becoming Investing & Business Masters

As a community, the Asian OnlyFans girls are not just beautiful — they have a strong work ethic and a knack for business. And now that more people are beginning to learn of their wealth-building success stories, this group is growing in popularity. As a result, more companies are looking at them as potential investors.

It’s no wonder why they’ve become such valuable assets in the business world. In addition to being gorgeous, Asian OnlyFans girls are highly intelligent and hardworking and looking to fuck. They’ve made it their mission to make their money grow, and they’re also very savvy when it comes to marketing themselves. This is because they know that in order to succeed, they need to be seen by as many people as possible. And with social media sites like Instagram and YouTube providing a great platform for exposure, these young women have used these channels to catapult their careers.

Leaked Content From OnlyFans

Since the content is so popular, Asian OnlyFans leaks are increasingly common too. In fact, there’s always a risk that someone will take a photo or video from one of these posts and upload it somewhere else. This can hurt their income, since users aren’t paying for leaked content, but can also act as free marketing. After all, if the girl has a large following, she can direct users to other platforms where they might be willing to pay.

So while some of these leaks do hurt the bottom line, they’re still a part of the business. These women have to stay on top of things and protect their reputation and image. If they want to continue making money, they’ll have to find a way to capitalize on the attention. So far, most have done this by expanding their horizons beyond OnlyFans.

Investing & Business Opportunities

For instance, a few of these girls have started businesses. For example, Miko Liu, a 22-year-old model from China, has set up her own clothing brand called “Mikoh Liu.” The name is a play on her last name, as well as a reference to her initials. She’s been successful, and in a recent interview with OnlyFans, she explained how she got into this business.

“I was doing beauty videos before and I didn’t think I would be able to make money out of it,” she said. “But after seeing my friends’ videos, I realized that if I wanted to make more than $500 per month, I had to do something else.”

The only problem? At that time, she wasn’t sure what else she could do. So she decided to start a business instead. She bought some clothes, made a logo, and created her brand. She then began posting photos of herself modeling various outfits, and the rest was history.

Another example is Mia, a 22-year-old model from Singapore. She first got into fashion modeling in 2012. However, by 2016, she felt like she needed a new challenge. That’s when she took on the role of an investor.

She told OnlyFans: “I started investing my money in real estate and stocks when I was 18. I also invested in some private businesses which were run by a friend. But now I have more freedom to focus on my own ventures.”

And in her latest venture, Mia is using OnlyFans to expand her fan base. She currently has over 6,000 followers on the site and uses it as a way to communicate with fans and sell merchandise. She’s also working on a second project.

How Other Platforms Can Help

Because of the ease of posting and the high level of traffic, OnlyFans is an extremely popular website for models. However, it doesn’t offer the same opportunities for expansion that other sites do. For example, if a model wants to branch out and start a business, they’ll likely want to use a different platform.

That’s where other sites come in. For example, many of the Asian OnlyFans girls also have profiles on Twitter, Tumblr, or even Snapchat. These sites can help them get their name out there, and they can also give them access to other platforms as well with social media marketing.

In fact, some of these girls are actually using multiple sites. For instance, Aimee Song, a 24-year-old model and actress from Canada, is using both Facebook and Instagram as ways to market herself. On these platforms, she has over 2 million followers combined. She uses them to interact with fans and share information. She also has a YouTube channel with nearly 500,000 subscribers.

Other platforms she’s used include TikTok, which has given her a huge boost in popularity. In fact, in a recent interview with OnlyFans, she revealed how it helped her career.

“TikTok has been very helpful for me. My videos are getting a lot of views and I am starting to see more of a return. I’ve also received requests from companies who want to book me for events.”

In the end, it’s clear that these girls are doing a lot with their online presence. They’re using it to grow their fan bases and also as a way to build a business. It’s also worth noting that they’ve learned a lot about business and investing from these platforms, which is why they can be so good at it.

Should I invest in Bitcoin mining companies?

If you’re trying to get in on the crypto mining craze, then publicly traded bitcoin mining companies offer an easy way to do so. On the upside, you can make a return based on the profitability of mining bitcoin. Are there any reasons why you should pass up this opportunity? In this article, we’ll cover the basics of bitcoin mining stocks, and whether or not it’s a good idea to invest in them.

What is crypto mining?

Let’s begin by defining what crypto mining is. First, it’s important to remember that cryptocurrencies are decentralized; therefore, they aren’t issued through banks or governments like traditional currencies are. Instead, people mine coins with powerful computer hardware (known as “mining rigs”) using certain algorithms.

These algorithms run software known as mining pools, which allows miners to pool their computing power into one large group, rather than having to take on such huge costs individually. The more computational power your rig possesses, the faster you can find the solutions needed to solve complex math problems and verify transactions on the Bitcoin network.

Once solved, these problems allow for the release of new coins. When crypto miners solve the problem, they receive a reward in the form of a newly created block of bitcoins. This process repeats itself over time until the total supply, or market cap, reaches 21 million. At that point, miners will no longer be able to earn new coins, but existing ones will still continue to exist. Mined bitcoin will just come from network transaction fees at this point.

Why would I want to mine bitcoin?

For those who don’t know how crypto mining works, it may seem like there isn’t much of a reason to participate. After all, it seems like anyone could start mining at any given moment. However, while this is technically true, it doesn’t actually mean that every miner has access to the same amount of computing power. Some people have mining rigs capable of solving the kinds of difficult math problems necessary to generate new blocks. Others cannot. Therefore, if you’re interested in mining bitcoin, you need to buy the right equipment.

If you already own a computer, you might consider purchasing a graphics card specifically designed to mine cryptocurrency. There are also off-the-shelf mining rigs available. One popular option is a Genesis Mining ASIC miner. These units can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for anywhere between $500 and $3500. Of course, you’ll also have to pay for electricity and internet connectivity. While this is not an inexpensive endeavor, it does offer the potential for a high return on investment.

Is investing in crypto mining stocks better than investing in hardware?

There are two primary ways to invest in crypto mining. The first is by buying mining rigs, then renting out the processing power for profit. You can purchase mining rigs online, but the most effective method is to rent them from third party websites. For example, CoinTerra offers mining hardware rentals starting at around $10 per day.

The second method is to invest in publicly traded mining stocks that owns mining rigs. Companies such as Bitmain and Giga Watt provide mining rigs for use by investors. They also sell shares in their companies. Companies like Marathon digital holdings run mining operations that the public can invest into.

Many of these companies offer high returns, due to the significant amount of computing power involved in mining. However, they are also extremely risky investments. Since they are highly dependent upon the success of the underlying asset, investing in these companies is akin to placing bets against the market.

What are the advantages of mining stocks?

One of the biggest advantages of investing in mining stocks instead of hardware is that they are relatively risk-free. For many investors, the prospect of losing money on an expensive piece of equipment makes mining unappealing. However, mining stocks give you the ability to earn a return without putting up anything of value yourself. You can also easily liquidate your position if you decide to stop mining.

What are the advantages of buying Bitcoin miners?

On the other hand, some people believe that mining stocks are less profitable than owning mining rigs. This is because they must spend money on things such as rent, salaries, and maintenance. Also, since they are publicly traded, they have to maintain shareholder expectations. This means that they cannot operate in a manner that harms their business model, even if it results in lower profits. If they fail to meet these obligations, shareholders may lose confidence in their company, causing their stocks to crash.

In this sense, these companies are somewhat like regular businesses. They require management, marketing, and accounting. Additionally, they must abide by laws concerning corporate governance, and they must comply with the regulations of the SEC. All these factors put pressure on a Bitcoin mining company to maximize its profits, often at the expense of the individual miner.

How do I choose between hardware and mining stocks?

If you’re interested in crypto mining, the decision comes down to personal preference. Both methods allow you to participate in the industry, albeit in slightly different ways. If you prefer to manage your own assets, then you should opt for hardware. However, if you lack the technical knowledge required to set up and maintain mining equipment, then it may be worth buying shares in a publicly traded company.

It’s also important to keep in mind that these mining operations have gone public recently. This means that you could potentially see a return on your investment within a matter of months. This is something that you won’t be able to say about hardware, which takes years to generate a profit. If you’re willing to wait five or ten years to make a return, then hardware is probably the best option for you.

In conclusion

If you’re considering investing in mining stocks, then you should understand exactly what you’re getting into. Returns on some mining stocks are very similar to the mining rigs that you’d buy in a store. However, they are also subject to many of the same risks as any publicly traded company.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional investing, then mining stocks offer a unique opportunity. However, it’s important to remember that you’re taking a gamble when you invest in them.

Well Hello CEO: Top 15 Gold Stocks For 2020

Gold production is an industry more people should be buying stock in. Mining and other companies that focus on the production of gold are great to invest in because they’re not as directly affected by the price of gold as if you were to invest in gold itself. “Gold saw a rocky time in price value in 2018, but quickly bounced back in the final weeks before 2019, with some gold mining companies seeing significant gains in stock” – says Well Hello CEO Mike Malkavich, an industrious CEO and gold investor. In 2019, gold mining companies have the highest potential to The value of gold continues to rise above the cost of production for gold mining companies, allowing profits to scale up.

If you’re interested in investing in some gold mining companies, here are some you should consider.

Barrick Gold

Barrick Gold is merging with Newmont Mining, after already merging with Randgold Resources of South Africa, to create the largest gold-producing company in the world. Doing so makes them more stable in the market, and hold better-quality earnings to deliver to their investors. The stock-for-stock transaction is worth $10 billion and will be called Newmont Goldcorp, making it an exciting time to invest in Barrick Gold.

AngloGold Ashanti Ltd.

Being the third-largest gold mining company in the world, AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. is a South African company formed by the merging of AngloGold Limited and Ashanti Goldfields Company Limited in 2004. This company promises to show more significant gains than they saw for the month of January in 2018 this year and is one to keep an eye on.

Franco Nevada

If you take a look at history, Franco Nevada is one of the top performing gold stocks of all time. Since their IPO of over a decade ago, Franco Nevada has returned 400% to its investors while outperforming the price of gold. They’re a gold streaming/royalty company rather a mining company themselves, meaning they finance other companies’ mines. This company is also completely debt-free, so I’d highly recommend investing in them.

Sandstorm Gold

Another gold streaming/royalty company to consider is Sandstorm Gold, and while they’re not on the same level as Franco Nevada, they have more upside potential and is also debt-free, with lots of growth potential. Sandstorm Gold also has a stake in the Hot Maden gold development project in Turkey, which is expected to be one of the most profitable mines in the world. If all goes well, this could make for a substantial outsized positive impact on Sandstorm and double their cash flow.

Kinross Gold Corp.

If you’re on the lookout for a company on the come-up, Kinross Gold Corp. of Ontario, Canada is an excellent choice. They oversee mining operations in six different countries, and the company is continuously growing. Kinross expects to open multiple new mining operations to begin to produce ore in 2019.

Newmont Mining Corp.

Again, as previously mentioned, Newmont Mining Corp. is forming the world’s largest gold mining company with Barrick Gold, but it has a rich history of its own. It’s been around for almost 100 years, and it’s the only gold mining company listed in the S&P 500. Investing in this gold mining company

Kirkland Lake Gold

Although lesser-known than other gold mining companies, Kirkland Lake Gold is an underrated company you should invest in. With four gold-producing mines in Canada and Australia, Kirkland Lake Gold is a company growing at an astounding pace. The company has plans to exceed its record-high production of 596,405 ounces of gold, and their capital expenditures are expected to peak in 2019. This will allow for greater cash flow that they can give back to shareholders as higher dividends.

5 Reasons You Need To Invest In Mining Stocks In 2019

While investing in mining stocks isn’t quite as popular as investing in tech, it still accounts for over 45% of the world GDP – mostly because natural resources are essential to the human experience.

Investing your money in a steady stock like mining is a great way for an average Joe like you to make some decent cash – especially in 2019. Let’s jump in and find out why mining stocks are so hot this year.

Shiny Objects

Since the beginning of time human have been obsessed with shiny objects. Kings emassed vaults of golden objects, pirates scourged the seas in search of jewels and assorted treasures – hell, even Jesus of Nazareth got a few fine metals for his birthday.

Even today, men and women all over the world use jewelry to displaying status, bring attention to victory, or in the form of self-expression. And thanks to more people gaining access to these fine items, the stocks just keep getting better.

Investing in gold-mining companies is almost always a safe bet for this reason. Gold-mining is a practice that can be traced back to 7000 years ago, so I don’t think it’s going away any time soon.


It should come as no surprise to you that steel is one of the most widely used metals in the world. Steel is perfect for building structures large and small, crafting knives, sculptures, tools, and just about anything else you can imagine.

Last year steel stocks gained an 8.9% increase in value over the last half of the year, and the streak hasn’t slowed down much. See, that’s the thing about mining stocks – you always know when they’re on the upwards trajectory, and you always know when they’re on the downward.

Steel isn’t the only metal that shifts in value, affecting the stock price for the mining companies. Aluminum and copper are good examples of metals that aren’t exactly stationary. And while steel is the most stable out of the three, it’s not immune to dips in value.

With construction companies expanding and repairing every city and road in the country, you know the price of mining stocks is about to go right up with it.


I don’t know if anybody out there has heard of Donald Trump, but he is the sitting president of the United States at the moment, and while the average citizen hates him – the mining companies love him. I don’t know if it’s the desire to turn America back into one big coal mine, or the money these mining companies are (allegedly) paying him, but Donnie has done away with a lot of the rules set in place by the previous president.

The Internet Privacy Rule, Dental Mercury Waste Rule, and Net Neutrality are among the list of repealed regulations issued by President Trump. Another one that he is particularly proud of is the coal mining regulation – the same regulation that kept most coal mining companies out of the U.S.

With this new change has come an opportunity for new investors, much like yourself, to start making serious money by investing in mining stocks. Coal mining companies are popping up all over the U.S. now that these regulations have been repealed, so start thinking about which ones you want to invest in. There’s no telling how long this presidency is going to last – or its changes for that matter. Hop on and ride the wave while you can!

Pros And Cons Of Investing In Mining Stocks [New Info]

There are an insane amount of variables to think about when committing your funds to an investment. Even a $20 investment must be carefully thought-out and painstakingly reviewed if you want to make some real money.

Investing in mining stocks isn’t much different than investing in something like soap or agriculture. It provides a recourse humans cannot live without – metal. In fact, mining stocks in 2018 made up over 45% of the global GDP, so I think it’s safe to say they’re doing pretty well. Let’s tackle some of the pros and cons of investing in a mining company.


Gold is a very unique metal, in terms of investment characteristics. I mean, it’s literally gold – the thing we literally use as the benchmark for value on the planet Earth.

In the world of mining stocks, gold mining seems to be a very safe bet for anybody trying to get their foot in the door. It’s considered a good first step for people that are trying their luck at investing in stocks for one reason; people aren’t going to get tired of shiny objects any time soon.

Another great pro for gold mining is its ability to gain value when everything else is doing poorly. You see, investors seem to like flocking to gold when things like stocks are tanking. Because it is literally value itself, gold tends to increase in value when most other stocks are on a downward spiral. That’s why all those goddamned ‘cash for cold’ commercials started airing when the down took a plummet in the recession.


Out of almost every metal on the market, cobalt is, without a doubt, one of the most unpredictable. Its value will fluctuate up and down depending on the day of the week, and that’s why so many people are interested in it.

On top of that – cobalt, lithium, and graphite are all predicted to rise in value in 2019 because of our new and intense desire for batteries. Phones, laptops, and even cars already run on these precious metals, and in the coming years, the price is just going to keep going up thanks to our ground-breaking innovations in hardware and production all over the globe.

Some people will buy stocks in cobalt and sell them the next day for a half-decent profit, and I think that’s the way to go. If you’re a real high-roller and you’ve got a little extra cheddar to spend, you should invest in a few cobalt companies and sell as soon as it goes back up, just like it always does.


We all know how the order of value goes – bronze, silver, and gold. It’s a basic tier of value we have created over a long time, but it seems to be missing something; platinum.

You might know it as the most precious metal on the planet, but not much else other than that. Something you probably didn’t know about platinum is that it’s not very economically efficient to mine. Platinum is mostly found in areas that are very difficult to mine – like the desert. In Africa lies 70% of the worlds platinum deposits.

And with the 15% of it in the Russian snow, and another 15% scattered across the globe, platinum has a minimal global availability. That’s why you should invest in a few old platinum mining companies that have been there since England left. They are the ones with the means to collect all of that precious metal.

9 Tips To Be Successful In Your Mining Investment

There is no better way than to make a ton of cash than to make some smart investments in stocks. A lot of people compare investing in the stock market to gambling, but if you’re making smart and educated decisions about where you’re putting your money, then it’s nothing like gambling whatsoever.

While a lot of people are investing in stocks like Apple and Amazon, there is plenty of money to be made by investing in an older industry: mining.

Investing in mining is something that is overlooked in favor of hipper, sexier stocks, but you can make just as much money – if not more – by investing in mining.

You do need to know what you’re doing though! Here are a few tips on how to be successful in your mining investments!

Politically Vulnerable

Keep in mind that mining is a politically vulnerable stock. Because a lot of mining happens all over the world in different countries with different political climates, you can’t be sure that investing in Venezuela will have a high payout.

While some politically vulnerable areas might seem like viable choices because their prices are low or because that area has been known to have a high output of whatever your chosen company is mining, it’s never a good idea to invest in a company whose operations are based in a company that’s dealing with political unrest.

Consider ETFs (Gold and Silver)

Investing in precious metals like gold and silver is a great way to diversify your portfolio and to help you reach your investment goals especially through the investing in ETFs.

Think like an environmentalist

When it comes to choosing the right company to invest in, you need to think like an environmentalist! Do some research into what makes particular regions good for mining gold, silver, oil, what have you! Then invest in companies that have operations in regions with similar characteristics.

It’s also a smart idea to invest in established areas that are already known to produce product.

Don’t believe the hype

When it comes to stock, there can be a certain amount of hype surrounding a company or what a company is mining for. While it’s always smart to keep up on trends, you shouldn’t believe the hype if you have no reason to!

Make sure you do research and consult an expert before investing potentially volatile stocks.

gold stocks > gold bullion

When it comes to reliability, gold bullion is not the stock for you. It’s always a much better idea to invest in gold itself than bullion!

Consider stocks that are already producing

While you might want to get in while the share price is low, it may be a bad idea to invest in stocks that aren’t already producing. It may be more expensive to invest in a stock that’s already on the upswing, but it could be more beneficial in the long run.

Low Debt

While a company may be producing a lot of product on paper, make sure that they don’t have more debt than a newly graduated medical student!

A Beginner’s Guide To Investing In Mining

It’s always a good idea to invest in something, but just what to invest in? Well, that’s up to you, but one of the best industries to invest in right now is mining. Whether it be gold, silver, or any other material, mining is a big business and an opportunity to invest in something profitable. If you’re looking to invest in mining, here are a few tips on what you should look out for and what you need to know to make the wisest decisions.

Know the two types of stocks

In mining, there are two distinct groups of stock, which are major and junior stocks. They’re exactly what they sound like, where majors are companies that are well-capitalized with a long history, often world-spreading operations with a slow and steady cash flow, while juniors tend to have little capitals, a short history, and high aspirations for huge returns in the future.

One thing you should be aware of when it comes to junior mining stocks is that there’s always the possibility of failure. Many junior companies receive this fate, unfortunately, but at the same time there are those that achieve success, and a major becomes interested and pay a premium to absorb the company, leading to decent returns to investors all year-round.

Understand the risks and rewards

Since both types of mining companies are different, they have different risks and rewards you should consider when investing. Major companies, for example, are the sum of all their deposits being staked or mined plus their history, while junior stocks depend on the results of its feasibility studies.

What does this mean?

The contents of any major mining company’s single deposit that is being staked or mined aren’t likely to shake its stock value much, but if a feasibility study is positive for a junior mining company, they see its value shoot up, but if it is negative, then the opposite will happen. In major mining companies, a change in market value for a mineral of a more significant percentage of deposits has a larger effect than a new or failed deposit, and junior mining stocks don’t typically mine a feasible deposit to the end, but instead either sell the deposit, or themselves, to a major and move on to find another. As such, the biggest risks and rewards lie with junior mining companies.

Choose how you invest

With this information, you should be able to choose what type of company you want to invest in. If you’re looking for a company with a lot of potential and don’t mind being patient in seeing returns, junior mining companies are great for their potential to offer a lot in the right market and for their risk capital, while major mining companies are lower-risk and have the potential for dividends with some appreciation. Both stocks, however, follow a business model that is based on using up all the resources they own in the ground. But because they aren’t aware just how much resources they have in a given deposit, the value of a mining stock roughly follows the market value of its reserves, paying a premium to companies with a long history of providing those reserves to the market.

World’s Up-and-Coming Nickel Producers And Explorers Upgrade Reserves

Despite dismal nickel prices as of late, there’s no stopping nickel exploration and development companies on all sides of the globe from pushing forward with their projects.

Australian company Poseidon Nickel has announced that it has upgraded its indicated resources at its Lake Johnston project in Western Australia by 50 percent as a result of a geological review of its Maggie Hays and Emily Ann deposit.

The resources are now estimated at 3.5 million tons with an average 1.49%, or 52,000 tons of nickel.

The report noted that this is welcome news for the company because Lake Johnston is “considered to be a near-term production project” and re-opened just recently. “The upgrade is a key step in the definition of the likely project life by increasing confidence in the shape, grade and position of the mineralisation to be mined.”

Poseidon is planning to make the Lake Johnston its second production project this year if ore sales targets are met at the Winadarra project. The project is reported to cost only A$8.3 million.

The report added that Poseidon aims to move Lake Johnston, Windarra and Black Swan into production as it will allow it to run the second largest sulphide nickel operations in Au

Lake Johnson possesses “excellent advanced exploration targets from the Maggie Hays mine”, according to company literature. The project’s tenure is supported by 10 exploration licences, two general purpose licences, four miscellaneous licences, 11 mining leases and one prospecting licence. The company also holds an underlying tenure for the project that is equivalent to a vacant crown land.

The Lake Johnston assets also encompass a modern 1.5 million tons per annum treatment plant and large ground position, with numerous life extension exploration targets.

Robin Young
Robin Young

Elsewhere, in August of last year, Amur Minerals Corporation (OTC:AMMCF), another mineral resource and development company based out of Russia reported to having upgraded its reserves by as much as 25 per cent. That increase means that the company’s Kun-Manie project now ranks as one of the top 20 sulphide projects in the world.

Amur announced that month that it had upgraded ore reserves in the project site from 31.5 million tons to 39.2 million tons of ore containing 219,000 tons of nickel and 58,100 tonnes of copper which represent a rise of 28 percent and 22.3 percent respectively.

“Having nearly a three quarter of a billion dollar EBITDA at today’s metal prices is highly encouraging and supports the board’s belief that Kun-Manie will ultimately become one of the largest nickel sulphide projects in the world”, said chief executive Robin Young.

The company forecasts that the upgrade would allow it to earn some US$726 million based on a nickel price of US$8.50 per pound, and a little over US$1billion if nickel prices reach US$9.50 per pound.

Noting data from Citi Research, Platts reported that nickel prices should rebound by the second half of 2015 as nickel pig iron production level, rising demand from the European stainless steel market, and dwindling nickel ore sources.

Appointment of Non-Executive Director

African Gold PLC announces that Guy S. Young has been appointed as a Non-Executive Director of the company as of 07 December 2004.

Guy Young was an Executive Director of Minorco S.A. between 1995 and 2000. Prior to this he worked at Anglo American Corporation for three decades in a series of roles, finally as Executive Chairman of Anglo American South America Ltd. He has had experience of mining exploration and production across the major mining continents and is a well known figure throughout the industry.

Oliver Baring, Chairman of African Gold, commented on the news: “We are very pleased to welcome Guy Young to the Board of African Gold. He has vast expertise in the mining business and will be of great assistance with our plans to build a leading focused African natural resources business. Guy will have a central role in the continuing broadening of our investor base and development of our management team. He is a great asset to have on the Board.”

2nd December 2004 – Updated Drilling Results from Konongo / Owere and completion of acquisition of 70% equity holding in project

African Gold is pleased to announce further positive drilling results from the Konongo / Owere gold project in Ghana. Economic gold grades have now been obtained in all twenty one drill holes analysed to date.

The latest seven results are shown in the table below. Fourteen drill hole results have previously been reported from Konongo and assays from a further seventeen holes are awaited.

Hole NumberFrom(m)To (m)(m)Au (g/t)

African Gold recently made the final payment of $1 million to the vendors of the Konongo mining lease and now holds 70% of the total equity with Talos, a local Ghanaian company holding 20% and the Ghanaian government holding 10%. Ministerial approval from the Government of Ghana for the necessary transfer of the Mining leases has also now been granted.

Oliver Baring, co-chairman of African Gold, commented “The continuing strong drilling results from Konongo are very encouraging. This news puts us on track to proving up more than 1 million ounces of gold from our operations in Ghana in 2005”.

17th November 2004 – Holding in Company

The Company was notified on 15th November 2004 by Merrill Lynch Investment Managers Group Limited that it holds 22,000,000 Ordinary Shares in the Company (representing 7.7 per cent. of the total issued share capital of the Company), all of which shares are held on behalf of certain discretionary clients through nominees names