Here’s How You Can Start Mining Bitcoin

1.) Software

  In order to start mining your bitcoins, you will definitely have to get yourself some kind of bitcoin mining software. In the original times of bitcoin, it was feasible to mine using your computer CPU or high speed video processor card. In this day and age, that is no longer doable. Custom Bitcoin ASIC chips provide performance up to 100x the efficiency of traditional systems have come to take over the Bitcoin mining universe. Bitcoin mining with anything else will take over much more in electricity than you can probably end up earning.  It’s crucial that you mine bitcoins with the greatest bitcoin mining software that is developed solely for that one purpose. Many corporations such as Avalon contain spectacular systems built specifically for bitcoin mining. You can also buy in contracts of  Bitcoin cloud mining. This really does make the process easier, however it makes the risk higher, for you do not have the option to be in control of the actual physical hardware.

2.) Get a bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoins are reserved in digitally developed wallets that are invented in order to keep your money protected. These wallets can be either be found nearby or on the interweb. While many online services that contain your wallet won’t have the ability to get into it, they are known as not really secure because your money could probably be vanished from you if something terrible occurs on their part. Most successful bitcoin users advise that users utilize a local wallet for reasons of better security and trust. Local wallets usually will ask you to verify the whole blockchain, which is also known as the history of all of your past bitcoin transactions. Hosting a blockchain is what aids in keeping Bitcoin alive and protected. Syncing this blockchain for your first time ever may take you up to about a day or even more. Some famous local wallet titles to know are: BitcoinQT, Armory, and Multibit. Multibit does not ask you to download the whole blockchain. You are also able to obtain wallet apps on your mobile device. These do not ask you to downloading your whole blockchain, either. Famous apps to look out for include: Blockchain and CoinJar. If you ever lose your wallet, you’ll definitely be losing all of your money.

3.) Mining Pools

Now that you have officially acquired a wallet for yourself, you are definitely ready to go, however if you really want to make some Bitcoin cash, you’ll certainly have to join any mining pool. A mining pool by definition is a bunch of Bitcoin miners that blends their computing knowledge to gain more Bitcoins. One reason you should never go in on this  alone is because Bitcoins are awarded in blocks, and usually 12.5 at a time. One thing to know is that even if you are fortunate enough, you might not even be receiving any of those coins in the end.

To learn more about mining bitcoin, watch the video below!